Aldrous Disbed

A king of Arcgard that bore three sons in line for the throne. His reign was quite unremarkable compared to what others in his bloodline have done. However, this has otherwise been stable and reliable for the economy due to his laziness of enforcing the laws and edicts of the kingdom, freeing up the markets of the kingdom to the point of giving a lasting surplus of commodities and monetary advantages for many arc until his son Roheim Disbed took the crown through Aldrous willingly giving away the crown to retire.

Birth: Raen in Day 6 of 344 (4th Age)

Death: 421 (4th Age)

Abdicated the Crown: Glasscut in Day 1 of 412 (4th Age)

Time of Reign: Selneral in Day 17 of 358 (4th Age) – Glasscut in Day 1 of 412 (4th Age)

Aldrous Disbed

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