The god of drifters. A common deity for many of the travelers and gyspies in Genoger to give homage to. He is a constantly traveling god and can be found throughout Genoger by only the keenest of fellow travelers. It is said that the best way to see him is to leave a string instrument under the shade of a tree by a well-walked trail or road and carve into it ‘For Breaking My Fall’ and it will be reserved for only Whitley to perform on it and once he does then anyone can use it but until then no one else may play the tribute to the god willingly.

Some have even accused the god of possibly being responsible for the creation of the Humans, but as far as to any of that being true there is no proof. At the same instance, there is no proof that it is false either.

Whitley’s Domains: Travel, Luck, Protection, Trickery

Whitley’s Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Whitley’s Alignment: True Neutral


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