Champions in Genoger

Born of Chairlyn: Caras Kith, Monduretch, Yenkinlee, Mordinea, Rashkeltine, Wethel

Born of Eist: The Southern Star, The Eastern Star

Born of Fudo Horus: None have been born as of record

Born of Lear: Nordick of Lear

Born of Ubus: Caras Kith, Monduretch, Khanastazig, Noladint’ch, The Ravaged, Hijelnoch

Born mostly from the stock of the Earthenbound deities. They do this mostly out of wanton desires or out of a need to use them as avatars and possible warriors to enforce their divine power across the lands.

Far weaker than Demideities, they do however have the advantage of being numerous compared to the Demigods themselves and can be quite formidable against any one of them if enough came together in groups of five or more.

Champions in Genoger

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