The God of Night and Seafaring. Draugus is a stern and frightening god to behold in all his forms. He holds no quarter for anyone other than those that sail the waters(and only if they show vast competence to his rituals as well as their sailing ability) and those that revere the night with the respect and mystery it has so earned.

In order to appease him, worshippers of Draugus must prove themselves either through the Night or the Seas in the suffering they would endure in such things and strive to utilize them against the conflicts they must endure.Those that praise the Sun and find the land purely superior to the Oceans, although a bother to him and his followers, are not to receive dire punishment until they must brave the night and oceans themselves.

Draugus’ Divine Power: Greater

Draugus’ Domains: Blackwater, Death, Destruction, Evil, Law, Moon, and Weather

Draugus’ Favored Weapon: Trident

Draugus’ Alignment: Lawful Evil

Expected Worship of Draugus:Draugus is a god of toil and of suffering through the domains he holds dear. For those to revere him correctly, they must suffer through challenges brought on by the night or by the bodies of water and at times can be both. To go through them and all the better to utilize them for the worshippers own preserverence during the tribulations therein.


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