Crown of the Sanguine

The fabled crown of kings.


When wearing the crown, it is only meant for those of royal blood (even nobles with sanguine blood will suffer from wearing this as it is only meant to be worn by those of direct heir to a kingdom).

The DC to beat is a will save of DC 30 to beat. If successful, the character takes damage per round while still wearing the crown. The damage is (Wearer’s Character level x d10 + the wearer’s Intelligence Score). Example of this would be a tenth level character with an 18 Intelligence score that isn’t of royal blood would suffer 10d10+18 damage if they succeed on the DC. If they fail the DC, their brain melts and their skull caves in as they die instantly or are destroyed in some other fashion if not susceptible to critical hits.


This crown is said to have the power to know of any past of royal blood for any particular lineage of kingdom in which the possessor wishes to know. It also reveals to the wearer any within sight that have any type of royal blood in them and of what lineage they fall under.

Currently, this is held within the vaults of Arcgard as told of by the advisors in the kingdom itself.

Crown of the Sanguine

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